Day Centre in Skulte

Folding panel partition.

Costumer: Reaton ltd 

Rezeknes Augstkola Faculty of Engineering

Plywood frame glass partitions

Costumer: SIA "Re&Re"

Riga Stradins University


Wooden frame glass walls and doors

Customer: AV Projekts

Sanatorium „Belorusija”


Partititions from policarbonate panels

Customer: Sanatorium „Belorusija”

Art Academy of Latvia


Folding panels, movable screens, doors.

Customer: Abora

Skrundas manor house

Folding partition Mono

Customer: Anderson Baltic
Saieta nams

Parthos PALACE 80 movable partition.

Customer: Saieta nams
AS Privatbank

Classic office partitions.

Customer: AS Privatbank
Office Riga Smilsu street 18

Aluminum frame partitions with glass.

Customer: SIA Anderson Invest
Adazu recreation center

Wooden frame partitions with glass and partitions

with panels which is covered with a fabric.

Customer: SIA "Re&Re"