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  • Concertina
    CONCERTINA: movable sound insulating accordion partitions from Hillaldam Coburn with artificial leather finish in different shades.
     Types of CONCERTINA: Concertina 700, Concertina 718, Concertina 731.
     Partition structure: stainless steel frame. Concertina 718 and 731 have extra insulating PVC strips to ensure sound insulation and reduce the drought effect.
     No floor guide required.
     Opening and closing options available:
     - One side closure
     - Centre closure 
    •  No floor guides
    •  Finish – PVC of different shades
    •  Sweep sealing
    •  Maximum opening height 6550mm
    •  Maximum partition leaf width 4600 mm
    •  Maximum opening length – unlimited
    •  Sound insulation 18 and 31 dB.
    •  Partition weight (depending on the sound insulation value) from 7.5 to 26 kg/m2