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  • Progress
    PROGRESS double sound-insulating folding walls from Parthos b.v. are available in two types:
     - accordion type walls
     - flat(plan) walls
     Thanks to the design no floor guides are necessary. Special devices ensure sound insulation. As a result closure is tight both at the ceiling and at the floor. PROGRESS walls weigh relatively little. Nylon covered runners move smoothly along the aluminium rail. The wall may be locked. It is possible to choose between:
     - one side closure
     - centre closure
    •  no compensating panels
    •  ease of use
    •  wide choice of finishes (melamine, laminated, veneer – varnished or painted)
    •  multiple closure solutions
    •  sweep seals – single acoustic rubbers, black
    •  plastic hinge profiles
    •  wall height up to 3050 mm
    •  panel width: accordion type 150-298 mm, flat 179-240 mm
    •  wall thickness: accordion type 130-160 mm, flat 85mm
    •  finish 10 mm
    •  sound insulation 28 dB Rw
    •  weight 14kg/m2