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  • Folding panel walls
    Folding panel walls are single walls with ceiling suspension. Panels locked together with hinges make a stable accordion type wall. 
     Walls exceeding 2500mm in height require floor guides. Runners may be fortified in the centre of panel (Centafold) or at the ends of panel (Foldaside). A lock may also be installed.
     There is a choice of panel width and thickness as well as different types of closure:
     - one side closure
     - centre closure
     - closure at both ends
     It is possible to connect walls onto each other.
    •  ease of use
    •  broad choice of surface materials (laminate, veneer – varnished or painted)
    •  glazed panels possible (hardened, laminated, pasted with foil; double glass unit)
    •  wall length up to 4000 mm (one side)
    •  wall height up to 2800 mm
    •  panel width from 200 to 800 mm
    •  panel thickness 20-40 mm
     Individual orders possible.